Considerations For A Man Made Diamond

Diamonds are a friend of a girl is what they say. But can he tell the difference between a natural mined diamond and manmade diamond? Maybe not, because even experienced jewelry sometimes experiences problems. So, for the bride of the future, considering human-made diamonds reasonable.

Two processes are used to produce manmade diamonds. The most popular is called HPHT or high pressure, high temperature. The giant press that creates large pressure is used. The temperature created by pressure is more than 1500 degrees Celsius. This method can produce 2.8 carat yellow diamonds in about three days. This will produce 1.5 carat diamonds after cutting and cleaning.

Another method is CVP deposition or chemical steam. In this process, a piece of real diamond is used and various gases are used to duplicate the natural process in the earth’s crust. This method is a little more expensive and not widely used in the industry.

Apart from the process used to produce diamonds, there is still no substitute for the real deal. As far as you can distinguish it, you can’t know just by looking at the outside of the diamond. It will take a trained eye of experienced jewelry to make an assessment. Of course under magnification, the difference will be clearer.

Real tests of diamonds always “Will it cut the glass?” Because natural diamonds are the most common substances that are naturally known to humans who can cut glass cleanly, this has been a test for men made diamonds. Most human or synthetic diamonds will not pass this test. However, there is a mineral called the Moissanite made a laboratory. This has become a favorite material for manmade diamond manufacturing because it will cut the glass as a real diamond. However, Moissanite does not have natural diamond optical properties.

The term “Man Made Diamond” is the same thing with “synthetic diamonds” so don’t be fooled by someone who tries to play Word games with you. Men made diamonds look the same, feel the same thing and create the same good feeling when wearing it. Comparative price is the story of the story here.

Natural diamonds are valued at around $ 13,500 per carat while manmade diamonds are around $ 500 to $ 700 per rust. Of course, there are others who will become pricier but they will not be clearer or sharper than the next one. And keep in mind with those prices, 4 C diamonds (colors, cut, caret, and clarity) start playing in that price.

Men who made diamonds are quite a lot of “perfect”, but they, however, synthetic. If it’s made in nature like real diamonds is, there are very few “perfect” diamonds, and that is indeed very high price commandos.

So in its conclusion, artificial diamond man is good for wallets, making women happy and easy to get. Many people dodge from them because of “synthetic” or “manmade” words. This is unfortunate because when diamonds can be made within 3 days compared to millions of years, it can’t be bad now right?