DUBAI OR QATAR| Which is Better?

Dubai is one of the best cities in the world. The geographical, cultural, and economical conditions are the reason behind the success of this great city. It has opulent living and villa communities, like District one Villas Dubai and The Dubai Creek Villas. The city has some emerging competitors growing fastly nowadays. Qatar is a country which is now getting the attention of the tourists as well. There are many differences, yet some similarities between these two tourist attractions.


First of all, Qatar is an independent country. While Dubai is a part of seven states of UAE. Geographically, there is a lot of difference between these two places, as Qatar is a peninsular country covering an area of almost three times that of Dubai, therefore, many facts and differences can be misleading or not justified.

The development in Qatar is mostly limited to its capital city Doha, which is located about half-way long from Qatar’s east coast. The city Doha is growing rapidly, covering an area of almost 130 km square.

Dubai is already very developed and populated, and it is continuously stretching its borders. The area occupied by this city is almost 1100 km square.

We can say that the part of Dubai, where people live and work, is ten times larger than the part of Qatar where people live and work.


The culture of the whole Middle East is almost the same as the people here are from different cultures and religions. You will not find a major difference while relocating from one place to another. It is just that Dubai is ultra-modernised and one of the most advanced cities in the world.

You can find some clothing brands in Qatar that used to be in Dubai. The experience of Carrefour Doha is almost similar to the experience in Carrefour Deira City Centre. The main shopping mall of Doha, City-centre Doha may not be in the league of The Dubai Mall, but some of the same brand’s outlets are present in the City-centre Doha giving a kind of similar experience in shopping.

Qatar has flagship airlines – Qatar airways, while Dubai has Emirates airlines, which are a little better than Qatar airways, yet a bit expensive too.

Qatar cannot compete with Dubai when it comes to architecture like The Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building, but Qatar has some amazing Islamic art and cultural achievements too.


Well, this is not the case, in Dubai, you have a lot of more things to explore like Themed parks, record holding water parks, and much more to entertain yourself with. In Qatar, outside Doha, there is not much more to explore, just a flat and featureless country.

There are people with different cultures throughout the whole middle east, and it is the beauty of the Middle East, however, Dubai is more enjoyable in comparison.

Dubai has a lot of things to enjoy and explore for the tourists, as well as residents, like wadis, oasis, beautiful hatta pools, and large red dunes.

You cannot compare these two places, but Qatar is an emerging competitor in Dubai. It has to work hard to be in real competition with Dubai, as Dubai is way too far from not only Qatar but many other countries or cities in the world.


Qatar is a good living place, as it is peaceful and quiet. The schools and colleges here are good and professional, but the place is not that good for a person who loves to explore different wonders of the world.

Dubai is the best option for tourists, as well as residents. It will never let you bore and will amaze you with its new wonders and records.

Both the places have their own value, as we cannot compare an independent country to a state like Dubai. Dubai is a great city with a lot of attractions like Port De La Mer Dubai, Burj Khalifa, and Burj Al Arab, while Qatar has some amazing arts that are worth watching. The people of Qatar love and value art, therefore they are the big buyers of art.

You must visit both of these places and share your experience.