Lisa M. Cannon MD – How Does the Ketogenic Diet Work for Weight Management

You might have come across the term “keto diet,” which is hugely popular in the health and fitness industry. It is the abbreviated form for the ketogenic diet popular for weight management and weight loss. It is a low-carb diet with high-fat food for the treatment of specific conditions. Now, when it comes to how it works and whether it is safe for you or not, if you wish to lose weight, you should consult a physician first before embracing it.

Lisa M. Cannon MD – How does this diet work?

Lisa M. Cannon MD is a credible and renowned physician with over 15 years of invaluable experience in the US healthcare sector. She helps patients lead balanced and healthy lifestyle habits through her website, on which she shares her posts regularly. She says medications are essential, especially if you have a health condition; however, you should consult your family doctor first when it comes to taking up a diet. Though a diet is popular, this does not mean that it will work for you. You should be safe over sorry, so ensure you schedule a consultation with a trustworthy doctor or dietician to understand how a diet works and whether it is fit for you or not.

Ketogenic diet and how does it impact your body?

When it comes to the ketogenic diet, she says that the body’s primary energy source comes from blood sugar emitted from carbohydrates. However, a majority of people land up consuming more carbohydrates than needed. This leads to weight gain and places them at grave risk for several lifestyle ailments. For people that want to curb carbohydrates and complex sugars, the ketogenic diet is ideal.

When you reduce carbohydrates from your diet, your body begins to experience this shortage of blood sugar circulation in your system. It will break down the fat stored in the body into something known as ketones. This whole process is known as ketosis, and it permits the cells in the body to generate energy from the present fat in the body. Your body adjusts to this reduced intake of carbohydrates in just some days.

However, as mentioned above, this diet might work for others, but there is a possibility that it might not work for you. Different types of human bodies have different methods of producing these ketones, and for some people, a high protein and high-fat diet might not be safe. You can face the risks of kidney and heart disease if you start the diet with no medical supervision, she says.

Lisa M. Cannon MD says that if you are advised to pursue this diet, you need to consume high-quality fats. For instance, eggs, cheese, nuts, butter, etc., will be abundant in your diet. Initially, the ketogenic diet is challenging in the first few weeks; however, under the guidance of a qualified doctor or a certified nutritionist, you should get a meal plan to help you adjust to the diet and watch your body respond safely.