Menos Hiras Talks About The Experience Of Being A Soccer Team

Growing up watching soccer is pretty common for children brought up in a typical American household. It is one of the most prominent sports in the country. Menos Hiras says that just about all families of the country would have at least one soccer fan. Hiras himself has been a soccer fan since childhood. Like many other American kids, he dreamt of joining the varsity team in his high school. He eventually managed to turn this dream into reality, and played on the soccer varsity team of his high school for four years.

Menos Hiras highlights a few advantages of being a part of a soccer team

The passion and love for soccer among the people of the United States, as well as various other parts of the world is truly incredible. Menos Hiras says that soccer is among the unique sports that manage to both inspire and unite the community. Teamwork is among the core aspects of a soccer match, and the community feel fostered by it also spreads across its fans.  Most people start to watch soccer due to its fast pace and unpredictable nature. No one can exactly know when and how a goal can be shot. However, apart from the thrill of the match, it is the team effort is another key aspect that magnetizes people towards soccer.  A lot of people in fact desire to be a part of a soccer team, to enjoy its first-hand experience.

Being a part of a soccer team himself, Menos Hiras mentions that there are multiple advantages that come with starting to play this sport and joining a team. Here are some of them:

  • Build Confidence:  Major team sports like soccer, hockey, and basketball play a major role in building the confidence and self-esteem of the players.  Any player would surely get a self-confidence boost as they witness their hard work come to fruition through a goal or even a victory on the field.  The genuine joy a person experiences just by being a part of a winning team cannot be expressed in words. This joy and confidence often translates to the real life of people, and helps them to let go of any inhibitions they might have.
  • Develop relationships and camaraderie: Owing to the nature of the game of soccer, the players have to closely and constantly work alongside with their team members. It is crucial that they gradually learn how to function together as a team. This shall invariably foster a sense of camaraderie and friendship among the team members in the long run. In many cases, the friendships made on the soccer team stays with people throughout their life.

While training for soccer, players often have to take part in various exercises together as a group. Soccer by itself is known to provide a great full body work out. This game involves the elements of kicking; jumping and turning involved in soccer can be extremely advantageous for boosting the fitness levels of people.