Quartz Worktops Vs Granite Worktops

Rejuvenating your kitchen area will generally only happen when every a decade or more and can be a massive expenditure. As a result it is crucial to create the decisions which have been best for you.

A standard concern which is requested with affordable quartz worktops regards to new kitchen worktops is which is best, quartz or granite?

The problem is questioned so typically because it doesn’t have a straightforward solution. Each have pro’s and both equally have con’s. Finally it is going to occur down to non-public option, but possessing an informed notion of what both of those can offer you will only be a bonus.


Starting off the comparison with rate, it’s true that both quartz and granite are major in the vary for worktops and thus command the higher stop of the cost scale. Having said that, quartz worktops are often pound for pound, somewhat costlier than its granite counterpart.

Exactly what are they?

Granite is really a pure stone that is definitely taken directly from the ground. It truly is taken in substantial slabs and distributed to companies, who definitely have the abilities of breaking it into scaled-down slabs and sharpening them up. Mainly because it is organic, no two slabs would be the same. Each one will be special and styles can modify inside of somebody slab (there’ll be no dependable sample).

Quartz once again is often a raw material taken from the ground. On the other hand, it truly is then mixed using a resin, normally in a ratio of 9:1 (quartz to resin). This functions to easy out the “pores” that exist in organic stone to create the completed product or service a lot less at risk of stains also to strengthen the fabric. A different result of the mix is The reality that the colour and pattern in the quartz is often modified to present a steady finish plus much more choice more than the ultimate colour.

Sensible discrepancies

Both equally are at the highest finish of the kitchen world because they both equally have Homes that make them ideal for this software. Each are hard supplies that have substantial heat resistance and scratch resistance.

Just one key distinction is the fact simply because granite is in its natural variety, the purely natural pores in its surface area make it possible for for staining and might harbour micro organism. To counter this, it is important to re-seal the granite periodically (Ordinarily yearly). Whilst it’s not a tricky or particularly time consuming activity (normally as much as one hour), disregarding it will eventually go away your worktops liable to staining. Quartz worktops do not have this problem and require no maintenance.

Other things to consider

A normal rule of thumb using a kitchen worktop is, you obtain Anything you pay for. Granite surfaces are available somewhat cheap compared to quartz worktops. Having said that, the cheaper variants will often come in much thinner slabs. This could make them extra prone to chip or scratch.

Plenty of the time the selection will arrive down to aesthetics, some will like the totally purely natural styles of granite, whereas Some others will favor the idea of being able to choose between styles and realizing exactly what they will be acquiring.