Stephen Varanko III Talks About The Reasons To Encourage Children To Participate In Sports

Sports have been a part of the American culture for decades, and touch the life of all people to a certain degree. Stephen Varanko III mentions that not just in the United States, but people across the globe love to take part in sporting activities. Usually, the interest in sports among children stems from their childhood. Stephen himself was an avid sportsman during his childhood and college days.  He studied at Randolph Macon Academy and took part in several extracurricular and athletic activities there. He subsequently played varsity basketball for four years, and also began playing lacrosse from freshman year.

A lot of parents these days have various concerns about getting their child involved in sports, time commitments, and the potential for injuries being the major ones. Stephen Varanko III, however, underlines that the benefits of playing sports far outweigh the drawbacks, and hence all parents must encourage their child to take part in any sporting activity that they enjoy. Stephen himself has been playing various sports since his childhood, and hence knows how they can be beneficial for any person. He underlines that active children have superior chances of becoming active adults, and many important skills learned while playing sports comes as a huge advantage in real life.

Here are a few reasons why children must be encouraged to participate in sports, according to Stephen Varanko III:

  • Sports are a fun way to stay fit. Moreover, it enables children to make friend with peers having similar interests and goals. Sports can help children to strengthen their bodies, reduce stress levels, build self-esteem, and reduces the chances of developing childhood obesity. In addition to all of these, the memories made by children while playing a certain sport is truly invaluable and stay with them throughout their life.
  • Engaging in sports can go a long way in developing the social skills of children. The teamwork involved creates bonds that no other activity can replicate. Sports significantly facilitate the development of strong friendships and promote a healthy social life. It also helps in developing the interpersonal skills of the children organically, which come as huge help as they grow up.
  • While it can come as a surprise for many, as per research children who play sports end up performing better in the classroom. They ideally have faster cognitive processing speed and have the capacity to perform better on standardized academic tests, as opposed to children who are not too active. Moreover, in sports, children learn to follow directions and instructions, which is important in academics as well.
  • Sports can prove to be a great avenue for instilling an attitude in children that success comes to people who work hard and put in maximum dedication.  It also teaches them how to stay humble while enjoying successes, and not to get discouraged while facing losses.

Sports can be quite instrumental in the holistic growth of children.