Why to Install Small Fireplace Screens

A fireplace is to be enjoyed but the truth is that it is one of the dangerous beauties in every household. A fireplace is common in every house. Though technology has given every homeowner the opportunity to heat their house in various other ways those who have a fireplace in their home still continues to use the same for enjoying the warmth and beauty of a crackling fire. It is one of the focal points that brings the whole family together. However it is necessary to keep the fireplace protected. That is why one needs to go for small fireplace screens that offers a complete protection. The small fireplace screens don’t take up much space for installation and they don’t affect the beauty of the fireplace in any way.

Homeowners who have a fireplace at home but are in two minds about why to install a fireplace screen should take a look at the various plus points it brings along with it:

Fireplace screens helps to prevent fire- This is the primary reason to install a fireplace screen. It helps to prevent the spars from the fire into flying into the room. Even a small spec of ire can be deadly if it comes in contact with anything flammable. Fire breakout from a fireplace is not uncommon. With the screen installed it is easy to keep a check on those stray fire spars from entering the room.

Provides safety from burns- Even the most experienced homeowner can get burnt easily with stoking the fire. Installing small fireplace screens can help decrease that risk. Many homeowners place a nice rug or carpet in front of the fire so that they can sit or lie down and enjoy the warmth. If the fireplace screen is not present then those can catch fire from the flying sparks.

Prevents smoke from filling the room- Downdrafts can never be expected and these sudden drafts can be pretty annoying and dangerous. Often during a winter storm strong wind can blow down the chimney and blow smoke and embers into the room. This can be pretty scary and a health hazard especially if there are children and aged people in the room. A fireplace screen can help deal with that issue.

Conceal a dirty fireplace- Often a lot of burnt wood and ashes can stay piled in the fireplace for days. That does not make an attractive sight especially when you have guests coming over. Small fireplace screens conceal the dirty fireplace and saves you from getting embarrassed.

Apart from the safety features small fireplace screens are often decorative and serves an ornamental purpose. A beautiful and designed fireplace screen can make the fireplace look neat organized and beautiful. Homeowners can easily buy a fireplace screen from the same place where they have purchased fireplace tools from. Nowadays, small fireplace screens can be purchased even online. You get to browse through all the options listed and buy one that fits your requirement and budget.